Power of the Press: Why Press Releases are a Must-Have for Online Marketing

Power-of-Press-rleasePower-of-Press-rlease With the explosive growth of new online marketing channels, the idea that press releases may be important to your integrated marketing plan seems preposterous at first glance.. After all, press releases conjure up outdated images of newspaper reporters and public relations spin doctors hammering at their typewriters in smoke-filled rooms. In a world of Twitter, Facebook, and instant access to online information from nearly a billion websites, the reliable, old press release seems like a marketing fossil from a bygone age.

However, it is precisely the sheer number of businesses vying for online traffic, and the array of media outlets looking for information to publish, that combine to make the press release so important in today’s online marketing world. The modern press release has evolved from its Smith Corona typewriter origins to become a powerful, multipurpose online marketing tool that will give you exposure and credibility.

Four Benefits of Press Releases to an Online Marketing Campaign

They Provide Instant, Global Exposure: Thousands of publications look for information to publish every day, including popular niche sites that cater to readers interested in specific industries. Distributing your press release online provides immediate worldwide exposure and the opportunity to be featured in publications of interest to your target audience.

They Are Integral to SEO Success: Well-written, optimized press releases that are picked up by online publications will provide the high-quality links that are important to search engine algorithms. These links ultimately improve your search engine rankings.

They Offer Strong Multimedia Options: Digital press releases can incorporate videos, images, and links, which significantly increase reader engagement. In fact, a study by social media researcher Dan Zarella shows that press releases with images increase reader engagement by 18 percent, while press releases featuring embedded videos increase reader engagement by up to 55 percent.

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