Should Press Releases Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

 It always seems like when I write a post for Kuno Creative, I start reflecting on the good old days—like five or 10 years ago. Those were the days when you’d put together a digital marketing strategy that revolved around blogs and emails, and the term SEO wasn’t as prominent as it is now. That was also the time when digital marketing strategies started including fewer press releases.[1][2]

Press releases used to be a critical part of every marketing strategy. The “release” is what helped make your audience aware of your new product or service, or how you would “pitch” it. You would send one out because you had news to share. It would include things like:

  • vital information
  • quotes
  • people to contact

It was a fast, easy way to hook your audience and get them talking about your product or company. But as inbound marketing grew, so did the current inbound marketing strategies we use today, and press releases seemed to fall out of favor.[3]

These days writing a press release can be an afterthought when you’re putting together a digital marketing strategy. But it shouldn’t be. Here are some reasons why they should still be considered an important part of your plan.

Press Releases Are Free

The best things in life are free, right? So are press releases. That’s why they should at least be considered  your digital marketing strategy.

They used to cost you money. You had to buy the paper to print it on, have a printer (and ink) to print it out, and stamps and envelopes to mail them out. But not anymore.

Your press release can become a part of your email campaign. All it is going to cost you is a little bit of time to put it together. You will have to build a list of emails to send it to, and spend some time writing it, but the cost to put it out? Nothing.

To make the process even easier, use your automated email platform. Yes, the same one you’re using to connect with customers. An automated email can save you a lot of time and frustration and make it easier to follow up on the press releases you put out. It’s an essential part of online marketing because using an automated email platform allows you to:[4]

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