Do Press Releases Work in Digital? | Target Internet

If you want to go down this route, focus on distributing press releases to publications/editors who tend to use press release info as the bare bones of their content, rather than republishing large sections. This approach will produce a higher probability of unique coverage and healthy backlinks.

Another link-building consideration when distributing press releases is which links to include. Linking to a variety of your web content in your press releases could help you to build a varied backlink profile which improves the search performance of other landing pages of your site, besides the homepage.

Better still, try personalising the links you include in your press releases to the journalists you’re contacting, so:

  • If Journalist X has shown a particular interest in e-learning, we would include a link to our e-learning landing page.
  • If Journalist Y writes a column about podcasts, we would link to our podcasts section.
  • If we can’t determine any particular interests of journalist Z, we would link simply to our homepage.

Use your knowledge of each contact to present them with your brand’s most interesting angles, from their perspective.

When not to use a digital press release

From the digital editors of broadsheet newspapers to independent bloggers, podcast hosts to YouTube vloggers, online publishers are incredibly diverse.

The most successful PRs will use a tailored approach for everyone they contact – and in some cases, that will mean using different ways of getting your message across. For example, you may encounter social media influencers who would not expect a press release from you as a matter of course but would instead expect a personalised pitch via email.

All this it to say that in some cases, attaching a press release will not be the best way to sell your story to a media contact. Your challenge is to draw on your experience with similar contacts to decide on the ideal personalised approach for each relationship.

Bonus tip: use #journorequest to build a media list.

Even if you’ve created the best press release on the web, your PR campaign won’t fulfil its potential until you can put it in front of just the right media contacts. To that end, you need to build a media list that’s up-to-date, accurate, and highly relevant to your brand.

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