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An effective (and relatively little-known) way of doing this is keeping track of the Twitter hashtag: #journorequest. It’s used by journalists to find sources to comment on their stories, and to a lesser extent by PRs looking to promote their clients.

Go to #journorequest[16] and scroll through the posts. Can you see any requests with topical or broader thematic relevance to your brand? Start noting down journalists writing about related topics, look up or request their contact details, and add them to your list.

Be newsworthy and relevant

We’ve covered a lot of ground by this point. Remember the multimedia components that help catch editors’ eyes? Mobile-friendliness? The importance of measurement and A/B testing?

All these elements can help you achieve greater success with your digital press releases – but they all count for nothing if your press release isn’t newsworthy and relevant to your target publications.

The best way to test this is to compare your press release draft against other content recently published by the sources you are targeting. Putting aside all personal pride and attachment to your organisation, ask yourself whether your story is equally interesting and engaging. Another important point: is it thematically similar?

Your press release may well fall down on one of these points. If so, don’t be discouraged; instead, take this as your cue to:

A. Seek more appropriate media contacts to pitch your story to; OR
B. Edit the press release to promote the most relevant and compelling aspects of the story.

With a newsworthy, relevant press release that’s thoroughly optimised for digital publishers, you’ll have a great chance of gaining publicity with this time-honoured PR method.


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