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How to Optimize a Press Release

As with any other tool or piece of online marketing, optimization is required to ensure maximum exposure, branding and success. Press Releases are no different. Anyone can write a press release and send it out online, but without proper optimization it is highly unlikely that an amateur press release will receive anything but amateur results.

If you are going to take the time and spend the money to submit an online press release, then make sure to use the following 10 tips to properly optimize your press release first:

TIP #1: Make it Newsworthy

If your press release is not newsworthy, then please do not send it out. We get enough noise and interruption in our daily lives so if you are going to submit a press release, then make it something interesting, unique and newsworthy.

Not sure what constitutes newsworthy? The most simple gauge you can use is a friend, family member or even a random stranger. Give them a brief summary of what you would be writing a press release about and gauge their reaction to see if they sound excited, interested or even a little curious. If their reaction is not made up of any of these emotions, then your press release is NOT newsworthy.

TIP #2: Use Keywords

Before you misunderstand what we mean, allow us to clarify….use keywords strategically, DO NOT STUFF IN KEYWORDS. If your press release is just a couple of run on sentences with one specific key phrase repeated many times over, then we promise you that it will be a waste of your time and money.

Instead, strategically insert key phrases into your press release content where they (1) sound natural and (2) provide value to the reader.

BAD EXAMPLE: John Smith, a business broker, just brokered a business deal that places them as one of the top business brokerages in the area amongst other companies that specialize in the business brokerage industry.

GOOD EXAMPLE: John Smith, one of the premier business brokers in California, recently orchestrated one of the largest deals in the past 10 years. This deal has placed John Smith of Company XYZ as the top producing business broker in the state for the 10th year in a row.

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