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TIP #5: Write Professionally

This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many press releases we come across that are so poorly written it hurts to read more than a couple sentences.

When writing a press release there are some specific rules you must follow for maximum effectiveness. First, write in the third person. Most press release services will not even allow your press release to be submitted unless it is in the third person anyways. Third person writing makes your press release sound unbiased and as if a professional was hired to do a write up on your newsworthy topic.

Second, stay away from using industry jargon that interested readers may not be savvy to. Remember that your press release is ultimately for your customers. If they don’t understand it, then you are completely missing the point.

Lastly, reference reputable sources if you are going to include statistics or data in your press release. Nothing adds more validity to your statements and claims than a link to a legitimate resource.

Press Release Case Study

To help you understand how to use and optimize a press release more effectively, we thought it would be helpful to include an actual live example.


Business: Marcus & Millichap (commercial real estate)
Press Release:
On Behalf of: Brad Nathanson

This press release was professionally written and optimized by Brad’s marketing team. As a result of the marketing team adhering to the optimization tips and guidelines that most savvy online marketers use, this press release got an almost immediate push to the first page of Google’s results for a very competitive key phrase “retail investment real estate.”


The search result seems to be off the first page of Google at this point, but the press release received about 400-500 visits within the 3 day period that it was placed in this spot showcased above. To put things in perspective in terms of cost, this same amount of traffic for the same key phrase would have cost Brad at least $500 – $1000 in pay per click advertising with Google AdWords.

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