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TIP #3: Use Anchor Text Links

One of the basic techniques with on page optimization for any type of web content is to use relevant anchor text links. Anchor text links offer value to your press release and the website(s) you are linking to by (1) increasing the probability that someone will click on your link and by (2) helping the search engines realize what the link that is pointing to your website is about.

Using our examples from above, let’s take a look at the difference between the wrong way to use anchor text links and the right way.

BAD EXAMPLE: John Smith, a business broker, just brokered a business deal that places them as one of the top business brokerages in the area amongst other companies that specialize in the business brokerage industry. Click here to view more.

GOOD EXAMPLE: John Smith, one of the premier business brokers in California, recently orchestrated one of the largest deals in the past 10 years. This deal has placed John Smith of Company XYZ as the top producing business broker in the state for the 10th year in a row.

In the “bad example” above, using a generic link with no descriptive text will decrease click through rates. In the “good example” above, a link with very descriptive text tells the reader that they will most likely be taken to a site that talks about John being a top producing broker.

BONUS: Do not make every anchor text link you create hyperlink to only your homepage. Try to find specific pages of content on your website to link to instead. If you find yourself with nothing but your homepage to link to then you need to get going on adding some quality content to your website.

TIP #4: Include Media

No one likes to stare at pages and pages of text. Text becomes more interesting and digestible when different types of content are included to break up any monotony. Some great forms of content to intersperse throughout your press release(s) are photos and videos.

Great images can speak a thousand words. Videos actually do speak for you, but in a more interesting and interactive way. Try including things like your photo (only if you’re at least somewhat attractive, seriously), your logo, or pictures of your business. You can also include videos of client testimonials or brief commercials about your business. Whatever you decide to include make sure that they are good quality as a fuzzy image or annoying video will turn someone away from your press release before they even read it.

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